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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What the Bible really says about zero-tolerance immigration policy

Sessions' pastor addresses 'firestorm' over church charges against AG
CNN: One of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' pastors told her congregation on Sunday that she does not agree with the "zero-tolerance" immigration policies that led to family separations, but urged the United Methodist church in northern Virginia not to be torn apart by political differences.

What the Bible really says about Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy
The New Yorker: Jeff Sessions failed to understand that the whole point of the Bible is to reverse the usual way of telling the story of abusive power, James Carroll says.

Guess who's coming to church: multiracial congregations triple among Protestants
Christianity Today: Sociologists evaluate the progress and future of the evangelical push for church diversity.

The transformative power of giving young women cash
Quartz: Mounting evidence suggests that cash transfers don't just fight poverty -- they also give poor women in particular a major boost.

How can America call itself a Christian country if it treats children like this?
The (London) Guardian: Bishop Michael Curry says Trump wrongly continues to promote a hurtful immigration policy greatly devoid of human compassion.
Religion News Service: Donations, volunteering surge at border asylum-seeker center 

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