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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

St. Luke's Episcopal Church North Park – 2017 Annual Report

St. Luke's Episcopal Church North Park – 2017 Annual Report

On All Saints Day we baptized Deng, Joan, and Deng -- three babies whose parents could not have lived more different lives.  Joan's parents grew up on the East Coast and the parents of both babies named Deng fled violent persecution in Sudan.  Yet in the holy circle of families formed around the font the good word of baptism we heard was the same: "You are mine, and you are loved!"  As we passed the peace the choir broke out into spontaneous song and our elders took to our newly opened sanctuary space to dance (pictures below). 

It was a Reign of God moment, much like our All Souls community dinner a few days before when we invited our church, Genesis Church, our recovery groups, and our homeless brothers and sisters to a potluck.  We caught a glimpse then too, however fleeting, of the surprising variety of guests who are invited to God's great banquet among us.

We couldn't do this without you.  Here's what your support made possible this past year -- click here for our brief summary of work in 2017.  Thank you.

Our goal is to enroll ten more monthly donors this fall in our efforts to become financially sustainable.  Won't you consider signing up to give automatically each month in the amount of $10, $40, or $100 a month -- whatever amount works best for you?  Click here for credit card giving, or let us know if you'd rather give through your checking account and we can set that up.  We are grateful for your support!

Peace, Laurel and Colin

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