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Friday, September 1, 2017

The Downside Of The Megachurch Spotlight

Are We Missing the Point of Spiritual Disciplines?
The goal isn't merely getting closer to God, but making a difference in everyday life.
Kristen Deede Johnson
For most of us, spiritual disciplines are primarily about our vertical relationship with God. As we do them, according to Bennett, we are often driven most fundamentally by a desire to feel his presence more closely. And we usually practice them first and foremost as individuals, wanting to help our personal relationships with God. continue reading >>

Evangelicals to Trump: Don't Deport Our Next Generation of Church Leaders
Conservative Christians defend Dreamers as President prepares to modify or drop DACA.
God Hears Your Back-to-School Prayers
A new school year brings more challenges and opportunities for Christians in education.
Prayer Vigil Buried by Sierra Leone Mudslide That Killed 1,000
Freetown churches grapple with tragedy in capital city.
When the Saints March into Post-Harvey Houston
Samaritan's Purse's Tim Haas on the basics of disaster relief and why his ministry needs the local church.
Sufjan Stevens' 'Planterium' Charts a God-Sustained Cosmos
The singer-songwriter's latest collaboration sets a distinctly biblical course through the Created Order.
Speaking Out
When Jesus Doesn't Calm the Storm
As I faced the Houston floods, I found myself asking questions about God's providence.
The Exchange
A Prayer and Confession of the Church in America During These Days
A prayer of Daniel as a model of repentance.
Joel Osteen, Houston Relief, And The Downside Of The Megachurch Spotlight
Not everyone is required to be a first responder. Or even to respond to every crisis. That's simply not possible. But, as the body of Christ, we're all called to respond.

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