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Friday, August 18, 2017

Without Action, We Are Hypocrites

Are Evangelicals Donating Too Directly to Missions?
When helping hurts the professional helpers.
Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra
Long before Google Maps, a couple of guys in a garage in California figured out how to use personal computers to create a digital map of the global church. It was 1983, and their two-year project — meant to help organizations see where to send missionaries and who still needed translations of the Bible — grew into an organization called Global Mapping International (GMI). continue reading >>

What the Alt-Right Tells Us About Christianity and Politics
The role religion plays in the white nationalist group behind the Charlottesville protests.
Book Review
Do We Need a Stronger Word for 'Faith'?
Why theologian Matthew Bates would have evangelicals profess 'allegiance' to Christ.
'House of Cards' Keeps Scraping the Bottom of Evil's Barrel
After five seasons, it's high time the Underwoods' crimes come home to roost.
The Exchange
Without Action, We Are Hypocrites
Jesus isn't impressed by our feelings of moral outrage at injustice.

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