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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Balancing justice and mercy

by NCR Staff
NCR in Conversation: We're back! In this first episode of Season 2, theologian Christopher Pramuk joins host Brittany Wilmes to talk about race relations, how art can help people connect, and where Catholics might go from here. Later, Catholic sisters Tracey Horan and Larretta Rivera-Williams discuss their own experiences of race and solidarity and places where they find hope. 
by Joshua J. McElwee
Francis in Colombia: When Pope Francis lands in Colombia in September, he will encounter a population that is still torn over a peace deal ending a bloody 50-year war between the government and rebel guerilla forces. 

Experts and local Catholic leaders say the Sept. 6-11 visit will be a new test for Francis, who has stressed God's mercy strongly in his papacy. While the pope has supported the peace deal, half of Colombian society has not, arguing that more justice is needed for the victims of the conflict before it can come to a merciful end.

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