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Thursday, August 17, 2017

A wake-up call for the Catholic Church

Meet the clergy who stared down white supremacists in Charlottesville
ThinkProgress: Spiritual protesters were a crucial part of both the counter-protests and relief efforts. Many stood arm-in-arm while staring down white supremacists -- and plan to do it again.
Auburn Seminary: Brian McLaren: What I saw in Charlottesville  

Charlottesville and Trump: A spiritual exercise for the overwhelmed and exhausted
America: If we are not going to turn away, overwhelmed and exhausted, how are we to sort through this constant barrage of information and raw emotion? How do you continue to "bear witness" when every three or four days there is another crisis?

A wake-up call for the Catholic Church
Commonweal: The Catholic responses to the white supremacists who showed up to intimidate and inflict violence were a mix of encouraging, problematic, and inadequate.

One-on-One with scholar and researcher Mark Silk on the future of religion, especially evangelicalism, in America
Christianity Today: Evangelicalism is now the normative form of non-Catholic Christianity in America.

Thousands of faith leaders ask Congress to protect Johnson Amendment
Religion News Service: More than 4,000 religious leaders have signed a letter urging Congress to maintain the Johnson Amendment, a law barring pulpit politicking that President Trump has vowed to gut.

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