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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Marriage Lessons from the Luthers

Evangelism, Iranian Style
Amid persecution and a travel ban, Iran's youth want community and transformation from within.
When I first met Hormoz Shariat in 2016, I expected the president and founder of Iran Alive Ministries to be a larger-than-life figure who matched the legendary stories of his sacrificial and protective love for Iran's underground church. I was instead greeted with warmth and humility by him and the staff of his prominent television and evangelism ministry. Though Shariat is constantly in danger, his eyes sparkled with excitement continue reading >>

The Vacuum Christian Indifference Creates
The crisis we face when the church is silent on social justice.
Marriage Lessons from the Luthers
Katharina and Martin Luther lived 500 years ago, but they can teach us much about how to live well in our own modern-day marriages.
The Exchange
Five Leadership Axioms That Shape Your Ministry
Healthy leaders make for healthy organizations.
Thom Rainer and Lawrence Wilson Interview Karl Vaters About Small Churches
These two interviews (one podcast, one written) might give you a new perspective on small church ministry.

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