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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why evangelicals love Donald Trump

Pope Francis and Donald Trump meet at the Vatican
The New York Times: Pope Francis welcomed President Trump to the Vatican on Wednesday for the first face-to-face meeting of the two leaders, who symbolize starkly different views of the world.
The Atlantic: The pontiff versus the mogul

Strong leadership and 'making straight what has been crooked'
Baptist News Global: More than any leadership strategy, book, resource or plan, the most important thing a leader needs to be successful in her work is character, says the Rev. Amy Butler.

Martin Luther: Father of protest songs?
BBC: The reformer's music forged a path for We Shall Overcome and Give Peace a Chance.

Shame, guilt, and fear: what 1,000 Americans avoid most
Christianity Today: Many Americans are more worried about their reputation than their conscience.

Why evangelicals love Donald Trump
The Economist: The secret lies in the prosperity gospel.

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