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Monday, May 22, 2017

The Greatest Threat to the Church Isn't Islam — It's Us

The Greatest Threat to the Church
Isn't Islam — It's Us

A leading Nigerian theologian believes the real danger to Christianity in Africa is in the church.
A good pickpocket works with a partner who will distract the "mark" while the pickpocket steals his wallet, camera, or passport. Sometimes the distraction will be an unwanted conversation, an aggressive sales pitch, or an "accidental" collision in a crowded area — at which point the pickpocket does his work. Right now, Christians are being swindled.continue reading >>

Pew: Black Protestants Show Strongest Support for Paid Maternity Leave
A look into Christian views on paid leave and how the church can help new parents.
Kate Shellnutt
ICE Deports Christian Who Fled Persecution Back to Indonesia
Man who sought asylum in New Jersey church caught up in 100-day surge in non-criminal arrests.
Morgan Lee
The Exchange
Preaching the Gospel with Words: Why There's No Other Way
We marginalize evangelism when we say the good news is social action.
David Jones
One And Done: Why Small Church Discipleship Is Always A Moving Target
In a small church, it doesn't take long for everyone who's interested in a specific discipleship program to finish it.
Karl Vaters

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