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Friday, May 12, 2017

No balm in Gilead

No balm in Gilead
National Catholic Reporter: At a time when this nation is suffering a nervous breakdown, its churches are in no condition to offer a hopeful alternative, Ken Briggs says.

The costs of a calling
Inside Higher Ed: The Duke Divinity email fracas shows the peril of academics viewing their work as a vocation and not a job, argues Jonathan Malesic.

Why we actually need more Christian skeptics in this political moment
The Washington Post: Andrea Lucado fears many Christians are not asking enough questions, and are blindly following an authority figure who should instead be challenged.

A warning on Trump's religious liberty order
The New York Times: A presidential order on religious liberty didn't seem to live up to its scary advanced billing. But that's only if you weren't paying close attention, Linda Greenhouse says.

Somewhere over the rainbow: Wheaton College would like to pretend its LGBTQ students don't exist
Religion Dispatches: Queerness keeps popping up at Wheaton College, and the evangelical flagship keeps pushing it down.

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