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Friday, May 19, 2017

I thought Good Catholics didn't need therapy. Then I went.

Is the Old Testament dying?
Religion News Service: Old Testament professor's new book argues that many contemporary Christians have lost biblical fluency and can no longer speak the language of more than half their sacred Scripture.

The pilgrims of progress who are leading us to self-destruction
The (London) Guardian: The word 'progressive' is everywhere in politics these days. So how come the planet is hurtling towards environmental catastrophe?

I thought Good Catholics didn't need therapy. Then I went.
America: It is hard to pursue virtue when you are quaking with anxiety, mired in depression or paralyzed with petty rages. And by "hard," Simcha Fisher means it is impossible.

Donald Trump's risky religious pilgrimage
CNN: Besieged by bad news at home, President Donald Trump is about to get religion, bigly.

Orthodox Union, opposed to female clergy, puts pressure on Washington's Ohev Sholom
The Washington Post: Orthodox Judaism's organizing body is putting pressure on four synagogues, urging them to modify their female leaders' roles or face possible expulsion.

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