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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Only In a Small Church

How a Hotshot New Yorker Found Jesus in Paraguay
Es complicado.
Peter Johnson
Eden is 12 and a firm believer in a variety of mythological forest goblins. In particular, he detests the Pomb├čro, chief mischief-maker among the fabled Paraguayan creatures. People say the diminutive furry scamp steals chickens' eggs, drinks cow udders dry, and generally upsets local farm animals. Leaving bottles of whiskey out at night supposedly appeases the nocturnal beast. I consider letting my young friend continue to believe in these amusing cultural anecdotes, but my sense of duty as a Peace Corps volunteer and, therefore, arbiter of scientific fact, compels me to correct him. continue reading >>

Only In a Small Church: Sometimes You Gotta Kill Cockroaches
Principles that make sense in a big church don't always work in a smaller one.
The Exchange
Focus and Faithfulness
Fueling gospel and organizational momentum

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