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Monday, April 10, 2017

It may be time to radically rethink ordination

The religious response to Syria's travails is prolix and confused
The Economist: The response of organized Christianity to events in Syria has been every bit as confused and ideologically driven as the response of most other observers.

The passion of Southern Christians
The New York Times: A good number of Southern Christians tend to vote Republican, but in truth the values of the rural South are not incompatible with the policies of the Democratic Party, Margaret Renkly says.

Anglicans launch rescue bid as England's finest cathedrals battle a financial crisis
The (London) Guardian: The Church of England has launched an investigation into the running of cathedrals, as financial crises threaten the future of some of the country's most cherished buildings.

It may be time to radically rethink ordination
National Catholic Reporter: Bill Tammeus asks, why does it require a seminary degree and ordination to be able to baptize people and to oversee the Eucharist?

Author Anne Lamott: 'Mercy is our only hope'
Religion News Service: Anne Lamott talks about her new book and how to offer mercy in the middle of the Twitter fight and in a politically divided country.

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