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Monday, April 3, 2017

In the Image of Our Choosing

In the Image of Our Choosing
In a new era of genetics, where's the line between healing and enhancement?
Nathan Barczi
Imagine sitting in a doctor's office with your spouse. As you discuss the possibility of starting a family, the doctor tells you that you have the option to genetically enhance your child's intelligence. Medical professionals can do this without risking the life of the embryo. They guarantee it to work. Would you do it? Suppose you are pregnant. A genetic test reveals your child has Down syndrome, and you are offered the option to undo the genetic mutation. Would you? These are among the questions asked by an unlikely fellowship of churches and scientists. continue reading >>

The Painful Questions about Genetics and Race
Mistrust of medicine clouds possibility of treatment for sickle-cell.
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Kristi Jacobson's penetrating new documentary confronts viewers with the soul-withering effects of solitary confinement.
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Is forgiveness more important than justice?
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They have nothing to do with sex.

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