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Monday, April 17, 2017

Has Trump found religion in the Oval Office?

'The resurrection is not a fantasy,' Pope Francis insists on Easter Sunday
Crux: Pope Francis once again broke with tradition on Easter Sunday, delivering a largely improvised homily centered on a phone call from the day before with a young engineer suffering from a serious illness.

The hard-edged hope of Wendell Berry
Christianity Today: Why his vision of humble communities and humane economies is just what the world needs right now.

Church revival? More liberals are filling Protestant pews.
The Christian Science Monitor: Since the rise of Donald Trump, liberal-leaning churches have reported surges in attendance and newfound energy in the pews. Will it prove a temporary 'Trump bump' or a lasting change after decades of decline in mainline Protestant churches?

Has Trump found religion in the Oval Office?
Politico: The president is mentioning God more than ever during his public appearances, but others are skeptical that he has found religion in the Oval Office.

Bethlehem is struggling to protect the Church of the Nativity
Newsweek: Despite local support, and the Church of the Nativity's revered place in the heart of the world's most widely practiced religion, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has taken its toll on the church.

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