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Friday, April 28, 2017

Evangelicals of color at a crossroads

Betrayed at the polls, evangelicals of color at a crossroads
Religion Dispatches: Today, believers of color are redefining their relationships with white evangelicalism in ways that could dramatically shift the landscape.

Why a racially insensitive photo of Southern Baptist seminary professors matters
The Washington Post: Whatever their intentions, the photo is problematic for at least three main reasons.

How the light gets in
Commonweal: Leonard Cohen's Biblical vision.

Bill McKibben talks faith on his way to the Climate March
Religion News Service: Even fans of McKibben may not know that the environmentalist is also a religious man -- a churchgoing former Sunday school teacher who has written about the spiritual underpinnings of his drive to save the planet.

Community is an empty word if my parishioners increasingly live in China
The (London) Guardian: Foreign-owned, unoccupied apartments are turning Giles Fraser's part of London into a ghost town. And politicians seem powerless to act.

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