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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why Doesn't God Answer All My Prayers?

How Christians Do March Madness
Two Reformed schools demonstrate an important lesson in rivalry.
Chad Carlson
A few years ago, an ESPN poll ranked the biggest rivalries in college basketball. Of course, Duke University and the University of North Carolina topped the list. Then came the University of Tennessee and the University of Connecticut women's teams, then the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. At No. 4: Calvin College and Hope College. continue reading >>

Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump's 'America First' Budget
Group of 100 prominent Christians worry severe cuts to foreign aid will reverse progress at reducing poverty.
Twila Paris Defends Brother Indicted for Bribery at Christian College
Ecclesia president accused of kickback scheme with Arkansas lawmakers. His board and family disagree.
'Song to Song' Is Cinematic Wisdom Literature
With Austin (and Solomon) as his muse, Terrence Malick applies ancient truth to the 21st-century world.
The Exchange
Why You Most Certainly Will Fail to Reach Your Secular Friends
Many have never been given a single reason as to why God is relevant to their lives.
Why Doesn't God Answer All My Prayers? Because Some of Them are Stupid
We need to become better pray-ers. But how? Offer prayers God has already said he'll answer.

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