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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Resurrection: Good News vs Fake News

Missionaries Dreamed Of This Muslim Moment. Trump's Travel Ban May End It.
Why American evangelicals see Islam so differently.
Kate Shellnutt
While federal judges and lawyers argue over whether President Donald Trump's revised executive order on travel amounts to a "Muslim ban," evangelical experts on Muslim missions express concerns over how popular the proposal is in America's pews. The Pew Research Center has found that self-identified white evangelicals were twice as likely as Americans overall to support the policy (76% vs. 38%), which temporarily halts the refugee program and restricts entry from several Muslim-majority countries. continue reading >>

God's Feminist Ideals
We're created to be image bearers and justice seekers.
Editor's Note
Our April Issue: Mystically United in Christ
All we are is his. And he is ours. What a glorious mystery.
'This Is Us' Captures the Drama of Unfolding Redemption
Even in its most tear-jerking moments, the runaway NBC hit affirms our eternal hope.
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The Diffusion and Influence of Contemporary Worship
How does worship music style relate to congregational growth?
The Resurrection: Good News vs Fake News
The first challenge to the truth of the gospel wasn't a competing idea or argument. It was the planting of a fake news story.
The Exchange
30 Day Infusions to Be Better Followers of Christ
30 days and four essential practices

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