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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Supreme Court nominee drilled on abortion

Lawsuit says girl in boys' locker room violated student privacy

A Pennsylvania high school wrongly allowed a female student into the boys’ locker room and violated an undressing male student’s privacy and his right to be free from harassment, a lawsuit charges.

Supreme Court nominee drilled on abortion, religious freedom at hearings

By Matt Hadro
The judge nominated to replace Antonin Scalia at the Supreme Court answered questions on abortion and religious freedom jurisprudence on Tuesday.

Spanish video seeks to erase the stigma of Down syndrome

A recent video ad released by the Down Federation seeks to increase awareness of persons with Down syndrome.

The Church and society need you, Pope Francis tells youth

On Tuesday Pope Francis released a video message to youth in advance of the next World Youth Day, to be held in Panama in 2019.  He said that like the Virgin Mary, they are needed, and they should not be afraid to leave their mark on the world.

These friends with Down syndrome are thriving in the Argentina pizza market

By Barbara Bustamante
Mateo studied baking and Leandro pastry making. Franco and Mauricio wanted to be waiters. These overlapping interests led the four friends with Down syndrome to start a successful pizza service in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Local bishop: Ongoing messages at Argentine apparition will be kept private

By Mary Rezac
It’s been called the Medjugorje of Argentina.

Good Friday Collection to benefit Holy Land Christians

As Christians in the Middle East continue to suffer innumerable hardships this Lenten season, the Vatican has announced that this year’s Good Friday Collection will benefit Christian communities in the Holy Land.

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