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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pope receives electric car

by Marie Venner
In late January, I had the opportunity to attend a small conference at the Pontifical Lateran University on Catholic actions, financial and otherwise, to resolve the climate crisis. 
by Brian Roewe
In December, Pope Francis received a Nissan Leaf electric car as a birthday present from Jochen Wermuth of Wermuth Asset Management, a German investment firm focused on sustainability. The gift was made public in late February.
by Lily Fowler, Religion News Service
On a cold rainy morning, members of the American Indian tribes shouted "Water is sacred" and "Keep it in the soil; can't drink oil" as they marched toward the White House. The March 10 protest against the Dakota Access pipeline included hundreds of Native Americans, some dressed in traditional feather headbands and ponchos.
by Gail DeGeorge
As the Asia-Oceania Meeting of Religious XVII wrapped up March 3 in Yangon, Myanmar, participants said they would carry with them a renewed commitment to their responsibility as eco-citizens, the message of environmental care to their congregations and beyond, and an affirmation of the meeting's importance in strengthening the work of religious in the region.

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