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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pastor opens a bar in his church

Faith groups: new immigration order still anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant
Religion News Service: Many faith leaders say President Donald Trump's new executive order on immigration is no more acceptable than the last. It includes limitations on the resettlement of refugees they say is as a refutation of the religious requirement to shelter the vulnerable.
New York Times: The hard truth about refugees

Trump and the battle over sanctuary in America
New York Times: During the so-called sanctuary movement of the 1980s, church and state were in conflict over the fate of Central Americans fleeing civil wars and pleading for asylum in the United States.

When Christianity co-opts justice movements
Sojourners: A seminarian reflects on his visit with a clergy delegation to Standing Rock: "By joining with our own conception of solidarity, we were inevitably co-opting the whole movement," he writes.

Pastor opens a bar in his church
DW: After the last remaining pub in Brielen, a village in western Belgium, closed down, the pastor of the local church allowed a pub to be opened inside the church after services. "Village life was gone. Now we are getting it back," said one woman.

Campus chapels
University Business: Despite the decline of religiously affiliated students, institutions of higher education continue to build and renovate spaces that are not just for worship, but are technology-rich, multifunctional and welcoming to all.

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