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Monday, March 27, 2017

John Calvin and the Princess

How the Prophet Habakkuk Built an Anti-Fragile Faith
Lessons on worshiping a consistently unpredictable God.
Krish Kandiah
We all know that God never lets us down, that he is utterly reliable and consistent. The Bible teaches that God is immutable; unchanging in his nature, character, and purpose. He is the same "yesterday, today, and forever" and does not "change like shifting shadows." He is our Alpha and Omega, beginning and end; his love endures forever. So what do we do when he seems distracted? What do believers do when the circumstances of our lives make God seem erratic, distant, and unpredictable? continue reading >>

How to Escape America's Anger Problem
In this rancorous post-election season, some women are turning to tried-and-true solutions.
Christian History
John Calvin and the Princess
Renée of Ferrara sheltered Protestant refugees, wrote bold letters to Calvin and other reformers, and courted the wrath of her own family. But restrictions on women's roles prevented her from having a wider influence.
A Pastor's Dilemma: What to Do When You Can't See the Vision for Your Church
Is it okay if a pastor's calling is to help others fulfill their calling? Or, does every church need a pastor-led vision to get behind?
The Exchange
The LAUNCH Survey: Helpful and Hindering Factors for Launching into Long-Term Missions
Sending agency surveyed 299 long-term missionaries.
4 Reasons Our Church Stopped Doing 'Come and Watch' Events (And 5 Alternatives)
When a first-time guest comes to a church, they should see our faith at its deepest and best.

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