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Monday, March 6, 2017

Foreign Aid Saves Lives—And Makes America Safer

Egypt's Anglicans Face 'Existential Threat' ... from Fellow Protestants
Cairo bishop resists efforts to deny his church independence.
Timothy C. Morgan
Egypt's top Anglican leader is accusing its top evangelical leader of attempting a "hostile takeover" to prevent Egyptian Anglicans from achieving state recognition as an independent national church. The dispute first surfaced in 2001, but this past summer Egypt's High Administrative Court ruled against Anglican independence. This means the Anglican Diocese of Egypt must function as a full member of the Protestant Churches of Egypt (PCE). continue reading >>

Speaking Out
Bill Frist: Foreign Aid Saves Lives—And Makes America Safer
How a sliver of the US budget can change the world.
Why a Christian Approach to Fighting Homelessness Pays Off
Study: Ministries saved taxpayers $119 million in 11 cities by offering both housing and healing.
5 Women Every Christian Should Know
From Katharina Luther, who escaped a convent and became a radical reformer, to Amanda Berry Smith, an itinerant minister who was born a slave, these women changed history.
Under Discussion
The Benedict Option's Blind Spots
A vibrant church in America learns from global and local leaders.
Christian History
Jesus Was Her Guru
If you don't know the inner strength of an Indian woman with a divine call, you haven't met Pandita Ramabai.
What to Give Up for Lent 2017? Consider Twitter's Top Ideas
(UPDATED) Trump ranks between Facebook and hope in analysis of 73,000 tweets.
The Exchange
What is Biblical Preaching?
President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary advocates for expository preaching
Christian History
Christian Women Writers of the Medieval World
Meet the first known dramatist of Christianity, the most famous female exegete of the nature of the Trinity, and the author of the earliest known autobiography in English.
Quit Telling Pastors We Have to Stop Pastoring to Have a Successful Church
Great churches don't need spiritual enablers or high-achieving CEOs. They need equipping pastors.

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