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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Contextualize. Don't Merely Theologize.

Friendly Atheist
Is It Indoctrination if I Steer My Kids Toward Godlessness?
by Lauren Nelson
Parenting is hard under any circumstances, but it can be particularly difficult as an atheist parent. Sometimes those struggles stem from your family or the community. And every now and then, those challenges come from your kids themselves.

Cosmos the in Lost
Why Is the Catholic Experience of Sex So Different From the Protestant Experience of Sex?
by Artur Rosman
Religious beliefs shape our experiences of fundamental realities such as sex and reproduction, which influence what happens in the public square.
Jackson Wu
Contextualize. Don't Merely Theologize.
by Jackson Wu
Evangelicals tend to have a fixed framework for understanding the gospel. Although our cultural lenses influence the way we interpret the Bible, we are not doomed to subjectivism.
Unfundamentalist Christians
Not Anomalies: Reclaiming the Biblical Heroines
by Lindsay Davis
Why the church must lift up the female biblical heroes in a world, and even a religion, that continues to see women as second-best and expendable.
Ponder Anew
16 Reasons This Millennial Almost Left the Church
by Jonathan Aigner
I almost left because the contemporary worship experience wore thin. It doesn't attract millennials. It attracts the weak-minded.

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