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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Churches Should Partner with Secular Community Groups

Is It Time for Evangelicals to Strategically Withdraw from the Culture?
Four evangelical thinkers consider what Rod Dreher's Benedict Option means for the church.
David Fitch, Karen Ellis, John Inazu, Hannah Anderson
Retreating from battle can be a failure of nerve, a sign of defeat, or a tactical move. In any case, it's one of the most difficult military maneuvers to pull off with minimum loss of life. In our March cover story, Rod Dreher argues that Christians have lost not merely a cultural battle but the war itself. Dreher calls for a Christian retreat in part to admit how badly the culture war has gone. But this retreat is not a failure of nerve nor a sign of defeat (Jesus is still Lord), but a tactical withdrawal to regroup the church for the days ahead. We think his Benedict Option is an intriguing idea well worth pondering, which is why we asked four leading thinkers of diverse opinions to ponder it. continue reading >>

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