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Monday, March 6, 2017

Christian leader made British boys 'bleed for Jesus'

AP-NORC Poll: Political divide over American identity
Washington Post: A new survey finds Republicans are more likely to cite a culture grounded in Christianity and the traditions of early European immigrants as essential to U.S. identity. Democrats are more apt to point to the history of mixing of people from around the globe and offering refuge to the persecuted.

I've worn ash on my head on ESPN for 16 years. This year was different.
Washington Post: ESPN host Tony Reali publicly displays his faith once a year on Ash Wednesday. But this year that act cause him to "think of those whose beliefs and life are prejudged and silenced every day because their ash is a hijab or turban or yarmulke or a passport that has a foreign birth country."

Is there a Christian double standard on religious violence?
Daily Beast: Nearly 80 percent of Christians don't think a terrorist acting in the name of Christianity is Christian. But more than half say terrorists acting in the name of Islam are Muslims.

Dozens say Christian leader made British boys 'bleed for Jesus'
New York Times: John Smyth stands at the center of a widening scandal of sadistic abuse of dozens of boys over three decades that has peripherally involved the leader of the Anglican Church, the Most Rev. Justin Welby.

Christians turn to podcasts to say things they can't say in church
NPR: Toby McHargue's podcast The Liturgists and Mike Morrell's podcast Bad Christian appeal to a spiritual-but-not-religious audience. In an interview they explain why they left the church, how that changed their faith, and how podcasts like theirs could be affecting Christianity.

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