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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Am I my brother's keeper?

Is there anything left in which we can all believe?
National Catholic Reporter: Sr. Joan Chittister asks, is unity really possible in the United States at a time of apparently unremitting partisanship?

The ethics of health care explained: Am I my brother's keeper?
Religion News Service: We can thank, or curse, the wrangling over Obamacare "repeal and replace" for shoving the question in our face in the most illuminating and uncomfortable way, says Tom Krattenmaker.

Trump's policies are keeping Hispanics away from church
Christianity Today: Pew finds fear even among 7 in 10 Christian green card holders.

How a church transforms immigrants and immigrants transform a church
Deseret News: The Catholic Church in America, with its long history of transforming through immigration, serves as a microcosm of how immigration continues to change the religious landscape in the U.S.

The Pope's social media guru tells all
Fast Company: Though resistant at first, the Vatican now has a savvy social media strategy that draws inspiration from The Onion, among other sources.

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