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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mexican man kills himself after being deported from US

The Christian retreat from public life
The Atlantic: Rod Dreher makes a powerful argument for communal religious life in his book, The Benedict Option. But he has not wrestled with how to live side by side with people unlike him.

Mexican man kills himself after being deported from US
BBC: Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 45, jumped from a bridge at the border after he was deported for the third time.
Religion & Politics: The sanctuary movement, then and now  
A come-to-Jesus moment for liberals
U.S. News & World Report: The left has a chance to supplant the Christian right as the new moral authority.

Trump 'finally' speaks against anti-Semitism. Jewish leaders had hoped for more.
Religion News Service: The condemnation came too little, too late, Jewish groups said.
Slate: Donald Trump's Jewish problem  
Of Popes & Trumpists
Commonweal: Who drives Catholicism?

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