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Friday, January 27, 2017

Christians, don't be fooled: Trump has deep religious convictions

Christians, don't be fooled: Trump has deep religious convictions
The Washington Post: Trump is pious and his religious convictions run dangerously deep, but it's not a reflection of a Christian faith, says Stanley Hauerwas. Christians must call his profound and mistaken faith for what it is: idolatry.

C of E bishops refuse to change stance on gay marriage
The (London) Guardian: Church of England bishops have upheld traditional teaching that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, in a move that has infuriated campaigners for gay rights and risks further alienating the church from wider society.

Carrying on, or the little man who wasn't there
Religion News Service: Looking for meaning in the chaos that currently challenges American, and global, culture, Martin Marty looks to an old poem and the theology of Karl Barth.

Pastors' views on social issues? Americans not interested
Religion News Service: What do pastors think about social or political issues? Americans don't particularly want to know.

Church language may be hard. But God must transcend words
The (London) Guardian: The Reformation got it wrong reducing God to the measure of available language. And we should resist this current drive to simplify the text of the liturgies too, Giles Fraser says.

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