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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The mega churches of Lagos

Trading membership for discipleship helping churches, Christians
Baptist News Global: Young people especially are not inspired by being members of churches -- or of any institutions, experts say. So it's in the best interests of congregations to redefine themselves as places from where disciples go to serve the world.

How 'values voters' became 'nostalgia voters'
The Atlantic: White evangelicals are culturally and economically disaffected -- anxious to protect the conservative Christian culture rapidly disappearing in America.

Meet the incredible woman chosen to lead Mother Emanuel Church after last year's shooting
Fusion: Eight months have passed since the massacre at Mother Emanuel, and the church is still reeling from the losses. But new pastor Dr. Betty Deas Clark reminds members that God is there even in the darkest of hours.

Prisoners in the hands of an angry God: a conversation about religion and reform
Religion Dispatches: What does a religion have to do with prison reform?

The mega churches of Lagos: huge hangars hold hundreds of thousands - in pictures
The (London) Guardian: With congregations sometimes reaching 200,000, Nigeria's Pentecostal churches use vast hangar-like structures to cram in worshippers. Photographer Andrew Esiebo documented the gatherings in his project God is Alive.

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