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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Religion can make you happier

President Obama's mosque visit will spotlight a new generation of Muslim Americans
Washington Post: When President Obama visits a mosque today, it will put the biggest spotlight in memory on Muslim American life, but not in the way most Americans are accustomed to seeing.

Religion can make you happier, official figures suggest
The (London) Telegraph: A new analysis of findings from Britain's national happiness index suggest that religion really can make people more content with their lot.

Are all great leaders bound forever to their convictions?
Big Think: The best leaders constantly question their own beliefs, welcome dissenting points of view, and are fully prepared to change their minds in the face of new evidence.

Twitter's #realclergybios reveal frustration of the flocked
Religion News Service: Clergy are confessing doubts, fears, frustrations and hopes in 140 character tidbits under the Twitter hashtag #realclergybios.

Man who allegedly posed as L.A. priest for years arrested, accused of defrauding churchgoers
Los Angeles Times: Erwin Mena called himself "Padre" and celebrated Masses, confessions and baptisms, police say, but he was not your typical man of the cloth. He was a con man posing as a priest.

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