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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Franklin Graham wants to be the next Billy Graham

Questions of character haunt the presidential hopefuls
America: This is not about whether candidates are faithful religious believers, but whether they have the qualities and virtues necessary to lead the nation with integrity and purpose, says John Carr.

Historic Jewish Theological Seminary plans $96M campus modernization
Forward: The 130-year-old Jewish Theological Seminary of America is embarking on a $96 million multi-year modernization that will keep its storied past safe -- and carry the spiritual center for Conservative Judaism into the next century.

Bible-loving Texas cheerleaders score a big victory in court
Slate: The latest threat to separation of church and state in public schools: Texas cheerleaders.

Former Mars Hill pastor to start new church in Phoenix
Seattle Times: Mark Driscoll announces his new church in Phoenix with a high-powered group of Christian leaders behind him and a glaring gap in his bio: the name of his last church.

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