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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Catholic priest's sister joins a Baptist church

Obama pleads for tolerance in first visit to US mosque
Religion News Service: In times of rising Islamophobia, President Obama made a plea for religious tolerance during his first presidential visit to an American mosque.
The (London) Guardian: Rubio criticizes Obama mosque speech for implying 'US discriminates against Muslims'  
No church for the wild: Trying to find a place to worship with a toddler
Washington Post: As Meredith Hale and her family visited different churches, they kept running into the same brick wall: Apparently, children are only "joyful noise" when they're not sitting in your pew.

Are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio running for president or pastor?
Chicago Tribune: If you attend a Republican presidential event on the campaign trail, you may come to wonder if you made a wrong turn and ended up in church.

The exodus hits home
U.S. Catholic: When a Catholic priest's sister joins a Baptist church, he wonders whether the Catholic parish structure adequately supports the spiritual needs of adult Christians.

Why Nepal has one of the world's fastest-growing Christian populations
NPR: Nepal had no Christians in 1951. Today there are nearly 400,000. One reason: Some evangelical groups offer aid -- desperately needed after the earthquake -- and also seek converts.

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