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Friday, November 28, 2014

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of San Diego

Advent Blessings
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of San Diego

Dear Friend,
Years ago, Coca-Cola ran an advertising campaign around the theme, "The Pause that Refreshes." Can a pause genuinely refresh us? In the rush toward the glitz and tinsel of this season -- shopping, parties, deadlines -- perhaps one pause is just want we need. A pause that slows our headlong rush to consume and fall prey to the demands of meeting the wants  of those whom we love. 
It is so easy to drift into a lull when we are bombarded with all the seasonal stuff. It overwhelms the senses. So take time to pause this Advent to refresh the soul. The world is too much with us. Pause and embrace the forgiveness of sins that brought about by the entry of Christ Jesus into our world. Pause and consider all He has given us. Just a pause for the Son.
This season Good Shepherd's Advent schedule should provide us ample opportunity to pause and refresh. From the Sunday morning schedule and our Wednesday gatherings, to the daily email Advent Devotional, pause and reflect on all God has done for you.
Pause Sunday morning worship at 10:30 AM as we explore various themes that will answer questions such as:
  1. What the Bible Says About Christ.
  2. What the Bible Says About the Future.
  3. What the Bible Says About our Doubts.
  4. What the Bible Says About Faith in Christ.
From the beginning to the end of Advent we pray for the coming of Christ Jesus as the fulfillment of our hope. As you pause each Sunday, may God continually give and increase such hope in you.


Each Wednesday in Advent [December 3, 10, and 17] we plan to pause as we gather in the the Parish House for a "Soup-Supper" Potluck, followed by Worship. Come at 5:30 PM and enjoy some soup. At 6:30 PM enjoy a casual worship service in the Parish House.

The Advent theme on Wednesday's is, "You Will Have a Song;" even when things look bleak and hopeless, God promises that you will have a song. When God's people were in their Babylonian captivity they cried, "How can we sing a song to the Lord in a foreign land?" (Psalm 137:4). We, too, sometimes wonder how we can find that "song" when dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. 

So, we will learn to sing using examples from Scripture:
  1. December 3rd: "God's New Song"
  2. December 10th: "Mary's Song"
  3. December 17th: "Song of Light"
These three songs will remind us of the hope we have during challenging times, so that we can sing again despite the circumstances before us. Looking forward to joining you as we pause and slow our pace in order to reflect on all God has and continues to do for us.

All the best to you and your family,

Pastor Greg Stenzel
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of San Diego

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