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Friday, June 6, 2014

Faith & Leadership - June 6, 2104

What we talk about when we talk about evangelism
Christian Today: If we truly ‘got’ evangelism, we, the Church would live to show what it meant, says Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

A church in Big Easy walking distance
Wall Street Journal: The ‘theology of place’ prizes local worship over the megachurch model.

Lessons before dying: Reflections from the bedside
ABPnews/Herald: In a spring filled with illness and death, David Gushee offers a few hard-earned “lessons before dying.”

The problem with biblical authority
On Faith: Even the great creeds have screened out the central Biblical message of the coming of God's kingdom, N.T. Wright says.

Why Christianity was never meant to be simple
Christian Today: Krish Kandiah thinks the tension between opposing doctrines is where faith comes alive and that often, it is in the most difficult parts of the Bible that God is most clearly revealed.

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