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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Transitional Storage Center

Downtown Fellowship supports keeping it open

Funds are needed to keep the Transitional Storage Center for the homeless open. The Downtown Fellowship is partnering with Harbor Presbyterian Church and the Girls Think Tank to raise $15,000. This money will primarily be used to lease the property which allows the TSC to remain open.

Transitional Storage Center offers safe, secure and accessible storage for the personal belongings of our homeless population.  The Center makes it easier for its clients to use public transportation, seek employment, work, attend classes, meet with health & service providers and transition back to housing.  It also frees the City of San Diego from almost 30,000 lbs of items that would otherwise be cluttering the streets and sidewalks of our community.

The immediate need is for $45,000 to cover costs from now through June. The City of San Diego has raised $15,000 and Girls Think Tank has raised $15,000. This leaves a balance of $15,000. Interim Mayor, Todd Gloria brought this need to the attention of Downtown Fellowship when he addressed us at our January 9 meeting. Since that meeting Harbor Presbyterian Church, led by Pastor Steven Cooper, has galvanized their community behind this project, along with collaborating with the Downtown Fellowship on a joint faith community effort. Longer term funding for the TSC will be provided by the City from July 2014.

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