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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2014 | Our Lady of Lourdes

ESSAYS and POSTS about the purpose of religious education, TIME, Frank Sheed, Pope Francis, Mark Shea, subsidiarity, salt and cities, and more!

What is the Point of Religious Education? | Dr. Leroy Huizenga | The best education in the Faith is the practice of the Faith.

Stupid for a TIME headline | Carl E. Olson | Once again, TIME magazine gets it backwards and inside out when it comes to Catholicism.

The Evangelistic Brilliance of Frank Sheed | An interview with Dr. Joseph F. Martin about one of the greatest Catholic apologists of the past century.

Pope Francis by the Book | Joanna Bogle | Three books attempt to shed light on the life and vision of the pope “from the ends of the Earth.”

A Liberationist Pope | Dr. Michel Therrien | The Pope's recent critique of economics was not an embrace of socialism, or a condemnation of the market economy, but a call to adopt a different ethic.

Sola Shea | Mark Shea | Mark Shea interviews Mark Shea about his book, By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition.

How Do We Advance Subsidiarity? | James Kalb | Like other aspects of Catholic social teaching, what subsidiarity requires most of all is that Catholics live as Catholics.

Salt, Cities, and Disciples | Carl E. Olson | It is small, simple, and composed mostly of something that doesn’t sound tasty at all: sodium chloride. But its importance cannot be overstated.

German bishops push to change guidelines for divorced and remarried Catholics | Russell Shaw | Proposal by some German bishops is causing serious concerns.

Grace and Reason According to St. Paul and St. Thomas | Dr. Eric M. Johnston | The world we live in is overwhelmingly irrational and our popular discourse doesn’t make any sense at all.

The Convenient Hypocrisy of the United Nations | Carl E. Olson | It's a classic case of "Do as we say, not as we do".


15 Lies at the Basis of Our Culture | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | Each of these lies, on examination, denies or violates a principle of reason or a fact of science.

Spiritual Healing After Sexual Abuse | John Burger | Revealing her own history of abuse in book, Dawn Eden reflects on how the Church can improve its pastoral care of victims.

Shelter For All | Nick Olszyk | Gimme Shelter is beautifully written, features amazing performances, and has the real capacity to change lives.

Reasons Not to Succumb to the Gay & Lesbian Marriage Tidal Wave | Thomas M. Doran | Few responsible voices, including liberal voices, supported gay and lesbian marriage before 1980. There were good reasons for this then…and now.

The Lingering Trance of Green Dolphin Street | Patrick Coffin | Some movies linger in your spirit for long stretches. This 1947 classic is one such film.

The War on Christians in the Middle East | Michael Coren | Baroness Warsi, UK's Minister for Faith, warns of the possible extinction of Christianity in its historical heartlands.

Who Is God? | Thomas P. Harmon | Remi Brague's little book, On the God of the Christians, offers a startling and fresh presentation on the identity, being, and actions of God.

Catholic Universities: Identity, Faith, and Power | Dr. Eric Cunningham | We are fighting to preserve and recover the Catholic faith in our schools precisely because it has been replaced by “Catholic identity.”

Inside the Early 60s Counterculture and a Recent Oscar Snub | Andrew Svenning | Passed over for a Best Picture nomination, Inside Llewyn Davis succeeds in its portrait of a disillusioned folk singer and a bleak 1960s Greenwich Village.

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