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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Faith in the New Security State

Faith in the New Security State?
Recent revelations about the extent of government surveillance have raised serious questions about abuse of power and the limits of democracy. How should people of faith respond?
Edward Snowden: The Honorable Traitor
"We are honor bound to speak out against perceived injustices when we come across them. Odinn advised us to give our foes no 'frid,' no peace." Alyxander Folmer, Blogger, Wyrd Words
Two Words to Live Securely By
"We need to embed the national conversation about the security state in light of the grand scheme." Mark Galli, Editor, Christianity Today
Misplaced Trust vs. Radical Obedience
"For Christians, our Easter faith necessarily de-legitimates and dethrones all false sovereignties; it dismisses Pharaoh, Caesar, and all other imperial power." Rev. Peter Laarman, Progressive Christians Uniting
Whistleblower Edward Snowden's Live Questions and a Few Answers
"For me, the questions revealed as much about the troubling scenario as did the few answers Snowden remitted." Wendy Murray, Blogger, Poets & Lunatics
Secrets, Self-Delusions, and the National Security State
"We have learned all too well to keep the secrets and live in the denials that keep us stuck, more or less paralyzed by our protections and our privileges." David R. Dykes, Dykes Foundation
The NSA: From "No Such Agency" to "New Snowden Age"
"Many of the problems the snoops are supposedly trying to solve were virtually created by these very same agencies in the first place." Kevin Miller, Blogger and Filmmaker, Hellbound
Who Will Watch the Watchers?
"To claim that the threat of terrorism makes our times unique is to make ourselves impervious to the lessons of history." Rev. Jim Rigby, Presbyterian minister
I Reject the Security State
"When fear causes you to take reasonable precautions, that's a good thing. But when fear persuades you to spend limited resources chasing absolute security, that's a bad thing." John Beckett, Blogger, Under the Ancient Oaks

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