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Monday, July 1, 2013

"Ten Reasons Why Hymnals Have a Future"

By John Witvliet
John Witvliet summarizes the importance of hymnals stating that "Hymnals make several valuable contributions to Christian life today, in dynamic interaction with all the other ways we access and project music and information. Further, a hymnal is a valuable resource for all kinds of Christians, as well as congregational leaders, whether or not their congregation uses a hymnal in worship." In this article, Witvliet lists 10 reasons or uses of hymnals in today's Christian churches. Readers of this article might realize a greater appreciation for hymnals and for their place in church services.
These ten reasons that outline why hymnals are important relate to numerous aspects of worship, but clearly singing hymns is the main reason for using most hymnals. Witvliet concludes the article by noting that, "...hymnals like Lift Up Your Hearts do all [of these 10 things] while providing almost one thousand songs for around twenty dollars, or a mere two cents per song."
Read this article at the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship

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