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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The 500th execution since 1976

Ministry leader says U.S. justice system needs a revamp

USA (MNN) -- The 500th execution since 1976 took place yesterday in Texas. Kimberly McCarthy was a graduate of Crossroad Bible Institute. CBI's Dr. David Schuringa: "Her instructor spoke very highly of her and her work, and so it saddens us because we feel like we're losing a member of the family, you know?" Texas leads the United States in capital punishment executions. How should Christians address the death penalty in light of the Gospel? "It doesn't really matter if you're for or against it; people have strong arguments either way. But if it's not being administered justly, then we need to declare a moratorium on it and stop the executions." Schuringa suggests three responses: pray, learn, and speak. "If the people of God are in prayer, if they're getting educated and studying the issues, and where possible, take action, we could see some change." Learn more about the work of CBI at, keyword "Featured Links."

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